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Lobby Poker Interface Poker Review is one of the oldest online sportsbooks and has been around since 1997. In 2006, launched a poker site on the Cake Poker Network to solve the problem for US Players not being able to play anywhere online. Sportsbook Poker is one of the only sites that is only available to US players (in most states) and has become one of the hottest places for Americans to play poker. They offer all sorts of cool promotions and player loyalty programs to reward players for staying with them.

I decided to give Poker a try as I had been hearing so many good things about them.

Compared to a lot of poker sites, has a ton of great promotions for their players. Right away when you make your first deposit you will be eligible to play in a $500 freeroll that hardly has any players. They also have a series called Freeroll Into Millions where you can join some freerolls with prizes as big as $250,000 with just 600 Gold Chips (their equivalent of player points). They also have a daily gold card lottery where you can win all sorts of prizes, just by playing. The gold cards are given out at random on the cash tables, so if you play a lot there is a good chance for you to win a lot in added prizes. There are satellites to all sorts of offline tournaments as well and tons of other special promotions running all the time which are definitely worth checking out.

The poker software itself is really nice and has a ton of cool features. It has a very modern, clean look and is always updated with new features all the time. The windows are re-sizeable and you can multi-table up to 4 tables at a time.

The games are very beatable and the majority of the players are pretty bad. For example, I sat down at a PLO table with $15 and raised pre-flop with KKQ9 (double-suited). The flop came A87 with 2 spades on board (I had the spades) and the other player bet in to me, so I pushed for the full amount. He called off with KJT8 (no spades) and I hit my flush and doubled-up immediately.

Most of the action at Sportsbook Poker is on the Texas Holdem tables, but there is also quite a few players on the Omaha tables and some of the other games. The traffic volumes are growing very fast as this is one of the few sites that will take US Players, so I would expect this to be a very big site in no time.

Overall, Sportsbook Poker is one of the best sites for American players that are looking for softer competition and great promotions. They have several deposit options for Americans and are always looking to add more all the time.

Sportsbook Poker Promotion Code

If you are looking for the biggest poker bonus available to Americans, then is the site for you. Our special Promo Code will get you a 100% up to $1000 bonus, which is almost twice the standard bonus offer of just $650. Also, when you deposit with our promotion code you will get access to play in the $500 new player freeroll.

When you reach the screen asking you to enter a promotion code, you don't need to use a code. Just make sure you use our links when signing up and your bonus will automatically apply to your account on your first deposit.

Clearing the Sportsbook Poker Bonus

The bonus is cleared $10 at a time and you will have 90 days to clear the entire bonus. Each player point you receive is worth $0.06 in bonus money. So, to get $10 you will need to earn 166 player points which shouldn’t take too long at any cash table.

Sportsbook Poker Rakeback

Sportsbook Poker does not offer rakeback. To get rakeback on the cake poker network, you will need to go directly through our Cake Poker Rakeback offer.

Player Competition

As mentioned earlier, the competition at is very soft. They do not offer rakeback, so many of the sharks stay clear of the site. The lower stakes games feature very high viewed-flop percentages, which usually means lots of action and really loose players. Poker Software

Sportsbook uses the software on the Cake Poker network. It has a nice clean look, and looks better than the majority of poker sites out there. It has re-sizeable windows, supports multi-tabling up to 4 games, and allows you to view your past hands in an easy to view interface. There are no really amazing features that every other site doesn’t have, so in that regard the software is pretty basic.

Some of the features that unfortunately are missing are:
- Show folded cards – you can’t look at what your cards were if you folded while you are still in a hand. You will have to wait until the hand finishes to view this.
- Ability to copy/paste hand histories – I may be wrong about this one, but it didn’t look like there was an easy way to copy your old hand histories. Instead they have the ability for you to create a link where you can share your hand history on their site.

Poker Game Variety

Sportsbook Poker offers Texas Hold'emTexas Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi, Five-Card Stud Hi and Seven-Card Stud Hi in both Pot Limit/No Limit and Limit formats. Stakes range anywhere from $0.04/$0.08 all the way to $50/$100.

Sportsbook Poker Player Traffic

The Cake Poker Network is still very new so traffic is continuing to grow very fast. At the time of this review they are ranked as the 9th largest site/network with peak volumes at around 2000 cash players. They are the 3rd largest site/network that accept American players behind Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker.


Sportsbook Poker has tons of options when it comes to support. They offer 24/7 phone support, live chat as well as email support. You should never have to wait long to get a problem resolved and there are no known issues with the quality of support.


There are no known security issues to date with Sportsbook Poker.

Deposit / Withdrawl Options

Deposit options: Visa, MasterCard, Cash Transfer
Withdrawal options: Checks, and e-checks.

The minimum deposit online is $20.00
The maximum deposit is $1,000 a day and $6,000 a month.

Thanks for reading our Sportsbook Poker Review!

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Sportsbook Poker Review Score
Security: 9
Software: 9
Traffic: 7
Bonus: 10
Support: 9
Reputation: 7
Game Variety: 7
Total Score: 8.3 Info
Name: Sportsbook Poker
Web Site:
Established: 2006
Country: Antigua and Barbuda
Auditor: PWC
Network: Cake
Size: Fastest Growing Network
Email: pitboss [at]
Telephone: 1-800-632-6088