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Strip Poker is one of the greatest games ever invented.  You team up a bunch of guys (that probably know how to play poker) against a bunch of girls (that aren't that great at poker, but don't mind getting naked) and the fun begins!

Play Strip Poker Online for Free has a cool advertisement thing on their site right now where you can play strip poker against their smoking hot spokes model Carrie Stroup.  Click here to play.  (see the image below for a screenshot of the game)

Finding real strip poker videos online can be very difficult, but we have found a couple that feature some very sexy girls out to have some fun:

Extreme Strip Poker Nude Divas

ECW Extreme Strip Poker Nude DIVAS Wrestling.  Not sure what this is for, but the girls actually get naked.


Bet U.S. - Strip Poker Commerial

This is a commercial for Bet U.S. It is basically your typical strip poker story where some ugly guy is playing poker with some smoking ladies.  In the video a man in playing strip poker with two sexy girls when all of a sudden his wife comes in the door. You'll never guess what she does.

Strip Poker Video - Many Different Girls

Here is some random strip poker video I came across on YouTube. It doesn't really seem to be promoting anything, but it reminds me of those commercials you see on TV late at night.  It is pretty amateur if you ask me.  No males in this one ;)


Sylvina Luna Strip Poker Video

Found this video randomly while surfing around youtube. The girl is Silvina Luna (some smoking hot spanish girl), but unfortunately is with 2 other guys. The video is in Spanish, but Sylvina is definitely worth watching!


Funny Strip Poker Commercial

This is a great Strip Poker video that I found on YouTube.  I won't spoil it too much, but the girls and guys are sexy and willing to take it all off, until the unexpected twist at the end.  Definitely a good video for a laugh!