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Tony Guoga

Tony G - Poker's Loud-mouth

Tony G Thumbs DownTony G (Real Name: Antanas Guoga) was born on December 17, 1973 in Kaunas, Lithuania. He got the name Tony G when he started playing poker in casinos at 21. When he joined a waiting list for any poker game, they would put “TONYG” on the waiting board.

Tony G started running into problems at an early age. Since you had to be 21 to enter the casinos in Las Vegas, Tony would often have to resort to fake ID’s. He also found that Vegas was a lot harder than he thought and ended up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars that he had accumulated.

Tony returned to Europe and started hitting the cash games circuit. He gradually improved his game, and by 2001, averaged around $7500 per month playing cash games.

He started entering major tournaments and got one of the worst beats in poker tournament history at the European WSOP. He went all-in with pocket Q’s getting called by a player with Q-5. Two fives ended up falling on fourth and fifth street giving him a second place finish.Tony G

Tony is great at getting under his opponents skin. He is known for heckling players getting them to make awful calls. If you check our Poker Videos section, you will see several hilarious Poker Videos of Tony G. He has received a reputation as a “Very Aggressive player” according to The Hendon Mob.

Watch for Tony G on several Poker TV shows including the upcoming PPL (currently in draft stage). Over at the WPT Poker website he has earned the reputation “Smack Talker”. Tony G is definitely one of the Bad Boy’s of Poker.

In 2006, he launched his own poker site Tony G Poker.  After several months of the site being up and running, the United States Government introduced the UIGEA which essentially made it impossible for American players to deposit to online poker sites, which dropped traffic levels to at Tony G Poker to but a few players a day. 

Tony G plays poker online at Ultimate Bet under the alias "wraptduck" and at Full Tilt Poker under the alias "Tony G".

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