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Vicky Coren

Bio, Pictures and Videos of Vicky Coren

Vicky CorenVicky Coren (Short for Victoria), aged 36 (DOB 1972) is a British born female who has many talents. She is fast becoming a well known personality in America because of her skills as a writer, journalist and a poker player.

In Britain, she has been a regular columnist for some major British newspapers including the Guardian. Daily Telegraph and a few others magazines.

Vicky Coren is not a flash in the pan type of journalist who made it big. She is a bona fide Oxford graduate. Ever since young age, she revealed her journalist ability by writing for several magazines and even winning some competitions. Over the years her writing abilities has led to publications of the following books to her credit.

* Love 16
* King lear: Fathers and Daughters
* Once More, with Feeling

She is also a frequent host on BBC TV shows like Balderdash and Piffle.

Besides her literary talents, she is also an amazing Poker player. Vicky Coren is a regular player at the famous Victoria Casino in London and has frequently won tons of money (at last count it has been over a million pounds). She claims this is where she loves to play the most- naturally if you have an excellent winning record. She also emphasizes that the Victoria Casino is more suited to her style and personality.

When not playing Poker in London, Vicky is also a regular feature hostess and player on the BBC Poker games shows providing an uncanny ability to predict the cards.

She has made it to “Late Night Poker” several times but has yet to win the Grand Finale. Besides being a player, Vicky is often a guest interviewer and host of Poker games both in the USA and Britain.

This Londoner may look simple, but when it comes to Poker she plays a mean game which is always full of surprises. She has a very calm personality and is a great competitor at the Poker tables.

Even though new to America, this lady has earned the status of a celebrity among both Poker players and journalists.

Vicky is an accomplished Poker player and she has had several big wins recently. At Poker, she is always an unpretentious winner and a gracious loser. Her easy going personality has made her a favourite at all Poker games and she has lived up to all the hype.

Vicky currently plays poker online at and is one of the Team PokerStars sponsored pros.

The way she plays Poker is almost a guarantee that we will be hearing a lot from this lady on a regular basis. Keep it up Vicky!

Vicky Coren Picturess

Vicky Coren wins EPT
Vicky Coren wins EPT London £3,500 No Limit Hold’em for $941,513

Victoria Coren
Victoria at the Poker Table

Vicky Coren Videos

Here is a video of Vicky being interviewed by Tiffany Michelle

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